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Find and tag yourself in panoramic of Padres Opening Day

Apparently the Padres employed a company named TagOramic that took a picture of the entire first baseline on Opening Day. You can zoom in, find yourself in your seat and then tag your face using the Facebook. It's like a game of Where's Waldo where you are Waldo!

I've seen this done several times at USC football games, when I used to have Season Tickets. I've always been amazed by how far you can zoom. You can get all up into someone's grill. My pictures are never very entertaining. When I find myself I'm always looking super bored, or at my phone, or caught yelling "Sports are the worst!"

I wonder if this picture will cause trouble for anyone who was supposed to be at work, but ditched out to go at the game. I can imagine their boss on the East Coast scouring their employee's usual section.

See if you can find yourself, then if you want, you can find Jonny Dub and me. We were hanging out on the never ending wheel chair ramp during the first inning, before we made it up to our seats.