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Kelly Crull hitting at Petco Park

Last week we showed you video of Megan Olivi hitting at Petco Park. This week it's Kelly Crull's turn. Kelly is Fox Sports San Diego's new Padres Weekly Host and Sideline Reporter. You'll be seeing lots of her on the broadcasts during the first half of the season.

We talked to her yesterday before the start of the Opening Day festivities. She was very sweet, until I asked her if it was okay if we posted video of her batting. She suddenly became really serious. She poked me in the chest repeatedly and said through pursed lips, "You can post it, but you tell all those Gaslamp Ballers that I was a star tennis player at Mizzou. I didn't play softball like your little buddy Megan." That's not exactly what happened, but that's how I remember it.

I thought Kelly hit pretty well. Especially her second hit where you can hear me say "Maaaan!" as she drove the ball to the outfield. Her walk-off at the end is pretty good too. She told us that she showed the video to Mark Grant and he approved, as if our approval wasn't enough.

After that we just talked about guy stuff, like beer, sports and makeup too.