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Bud Black Postgame Press Conference

I'm going to live blog this Padres Postgame that I recorded on Fox Sports San Diego. Hopefully Bud Black will say something interesting. Let's go!

  • Not much good today. They didn't pitch well. There were a lot of pitching mistakes. The ball/strike ratio wasn't great. Pitchers pitched behind in the count. The Mets took advantage with two out hits, that was the key. Without those clutch hits it would have been a different game.
  • It was good to see Yonder Alonso get a homerun. Jedd Gyorko's first hit was good to get out of the way.
  • Black thought Carlos Quentin did okay. He was stressed today with lots of balls hit to him. He's fine.
  • Black didn't really see anything that he'll talk to Volquez about. He thought his delivery was good as far as tempo and rhythm. "He just couldn't make pitches at critical times." He didn't see anything mechanically. Volquez's challenge is to repeat his delivery, repeat his arm slot and repeat his release point. He doesn't think his release point was good today.
  • Black feels good about the team in general. Everyone will need to pitch better on Wednesday.

That paid off nicely!