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Game Ratings Project: So how'd you like that first game?

I love me some season long projects.

"Who me? Totes satisfied."
"Who me? Totes satisfied."

So last season, I started and tailed off on my overall game rankings project and I decided that this season, I would leverage the Wisdom of the Crowds, the Power of Community, the Voice of the Village and instead go with a voting system to try to rank every single game over the course of the season. So here's how it's going to work:

I ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfying the game was. You tell me. We vote for a couple of days while the game is still relatively fresh in our minds and then instead of like a line graph showing how we go up and down, we will RANK the games! Any ties will be broken by the variance of the voting. So if there's a game that we really disagree with and it ends up in a tie with a game that we're pretty confident in (low variance, high sample), then we'll defer to the confident game.

Through this simple democratic, statistically sound technique, we will end up with a ranking of games to go into the Gaslamp Ballmanac for all time.