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City council hearing may or may not solve all of this Time Warner Cable vs Fox Sports San Diego stuff

Now we're possibly getting somewhere, people. An entire city council is being mobilized, mobilized I say.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

City Councilmember, Sherri Lightner, is getting some shit done, like a boss. That's right, a city council hearing is getting planned to try to get FSSD on TWC... somehow.

I don't know much about how city government works and all, but I'm imagining a woman with a bug up her craw from Time Warner Cable in a suit and hair in a tight little bun, all like, "This so-called channel is filled with smut and is not a healthy outlet for our children, nor our children's children!" And then a tired looking representative from Fox Sports San Diego just exasperated like, "Jeez. We just want to show people some baseball". And then a a spunky red headed mom yelling something about Eva Braun and a horse's ass and wondering who's for the first amendment. And me on my iPhone, trying to to do anagrams that have nothing to do with baseball, but then again, everything to do with baseball.

"The message from my constituents is loud and clear: "They want to be able to watch their hometown baseball team on television," Lightner said. "The City of San Diego needs to explore all its options to see how it can help deliver the Padres to the people."

You see that? The "Padres to the people". I'm pleased as punch that a politician perhaps possibly will produce positive proven pay-dirt when it comes to presenting the Padres to the people. Because what this movement needs is alliteration.

The options part is where I'm a bit nerves. I don't know what options the city has. As the evil Time Warner Cable talking heads say, this is a dispute between two private parties (party poopers presenting a pale palisade to progress). What if the government is using this as a scheme to cover up some other pork belly project? What if they raise taxes somehow? What if, at the end of all of this, they wind up opening a farmers market that nobody wants or like accidentally ban a bunch of books? The government is not trustworthy, people.

Either way, what with Mayor Bob Filner actually voicing an opinion on things and this city council hearing at least we're getting somewhere... I think.