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Make your 2013 Padres Predictions

The Padres 25 man roster is set. It's time to make our annual season predictions.

Richard Heathcote

This isn't a task to be taken lightly. At the end of the season I'll revisit your predictions and hold you accountable for what you have done here today. Your predictions must be detailed and precise. Vague generalities will not be accepted or tolerated.

All methods of making your predictions are welcome, though not all recommended. Cling to the safety of your notes, your precious statistical calculations and the opinion of your know-it-all sports host, if you must. But there are other ways to make predictions. However, these strategies may come at a cost.

There are those that insist every year upon dabbling in the occult and experimenting with various methods of divination. They conjure game results and cast spells. They use astral projection to spirit walk out of their body. They play with Ouija boards to summon spirits. They deal tarot cards and read tea leaves. These strategies some consider to be highly accurate, but meddling in the dark arts is quite dangerous. Those that dwell in the darkness will demand payment upon delivery.

Answer me the following 5 questions in the comments section.

  1. What will be the 2013 Padres' record?
  2. What place will they finish in the NL West?
  3. Who will win the NL West?
  4. Which Padre player will be traded before the end of the season?
  5. Who will be the Padres All-Star(s) ?

Predict World Series Champions, All Star Game winner, etc. if you are are so inclined.

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