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Baseball Prospectus Names A Padre: The Most Interesting Major Leaguer You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Pitcher Tommy Layne is more interesting that you thought.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Baseball Prospectus is publishing a bunch of free articles today and one of them is a profile of Padres pitcher Tommy Layne. Layne may be ticketed to start the year in Tucson, but that doesn't stop this from being a good read. It even has gifs!

Here's a taste from the article's introduction:

In 2012, 484 pitchers threw at least 20 innings. The best FIP among them belongs to Craig Kimbrel, and the second-best FIP among them belongs to Aroldis Chapman. Neither is surprising. The third-best belongs to Jake McGee, which is noteworthy but still something most of us were vaguely aware of. The fourth-best belongs to Junichi Tazawa, which still surprises some people, even five months after the last pitch of the season was thrown, but not all people. The fifth-best belongs to Aaron Loup, and maybe one in five of you all knew that. Maybe one in three of you knows what team he plays for. If I just keep doing this for 35 or 40 more players, I will have enough words to submit this piece, and then I can go buy myself a yogurt.

But 520 pitchers threw at least 15 innings, and among those, Kimbrel remains the best but Aroldis Chapman drops to third. The new no. 2 becomes Tom Layne, with 25 strikeouts, three walks, and no home runs allowed in 16 ⅔ innings. That’s the sixth-best strikeout rate in baseball, the fourth-best K/BB ratio, etc. He has kept doing such things in spring training, with 15 Ks and just three walks in 10 innings (although also two homers, or two more than he allowed last season). Tom Layne, everybody. Apparently the second-best pitcher in baseball, or so.

From there it goes on to tell a joke about Tommy Layne's acquisition, describe his debut and breakdown his pitch sequence from one at bat where Brandon Belt faced him using those aforementioned gifs. If you missed the link earlier, here it is again: