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Logan Forsythe headed to the DL with Plantar Fasciitis pain


When I think about it, I'm not sure why Logan Forsythe was even trying to play baseball today. He's been suffering from heel pain for weeks. He should really just put his foot in a cast and become completely immobile.

I had PF a few years ago. I tried stretching, icing and sleeping in the Strassburg Sock. Nothing seemed to work. From my experience the only way the plantar fascia will ever heal is if you completely give up. Not until then.

He and the Padres have to come to the realization that he'll never play baseball again, or walk for that matter. Then and only then will his fascia heal. It took 2 months for my physical pain to subside. I caught the PF in both feet and would literally crawl around sometimes because I was such a little b_tch in so much pain.

Once I gave up all my hopes and dreams, my feet magically felt better. The pain never came back. Neither did my hopes and dreams, for that matter.

Forsythe should try that.