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Edinson Volquez: Opening Day Starter

Denis Poroy

When you beat the entire world in the sport of baseball, then you've pretty much earned the right to start the first game of the season for a small, inconsequential coastal town. Thems the rules.

It was announced today that Manager Bud Black named Edinson Volquez the Padres' Opening Day starter. That means a week from today he'll find himself on the mound in New York. This news comes after a World Baseball Classic Championship for Volquez's native Dominican Republic.

Volquez is no Opening Day virgin. This will be his third season starter in a row. One with the Cincinnati Reds in 2011 and now two consecutive with the Padres

Black spoke of Volquez the way one might compliment a roll of paper towels:

"He was durable and dependable,"

He failed to mention how much more absorbent he is than competing brands.

Edinson Volquez

#37 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres




Opening Day

Jul 03, 1983