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Padres Who Have Hit For The Cycle (With Other Teams)

Ezra Shaw

As I'm sure you're well aware, the San Diego Padres have never had a player hit for the cycle. It's a distinction they share with only the Florida/ Miami Marlins- a franchise which hasn't existed half as long. The Pads also haven't had a no-hitter, but that's a subject for another day.

I saw something about Scott Hairston's cycle from last season and got to wondering how many players who were Padres at one point or another have hit for the cycle with another team. After perusing the list of all the players who have accomplished the feat, I found seventeen players who fit the bill.

Ten of the seventeen players got their cycle before coming to San Diego, including one who got his before the Padres were even a major league team. Listed with their team at the time, here they are:

  • Randy Hundley, Cubs, 1966
  • Dave Kingman, Giants, 1972
  • Mike Phillips, Mets, 1976
  • Fred Lynn, Red Sox, 1980
  • Ray Lankford, Cardinals, 1991
  • Andujar Cedeno, Astros, 1992
  • Rondell White, Expos, 1995
  • John Mabry, Cardinals, 1996
  • Miguel Tejada, A's, 2001
  • Orlando Hudson, Dodgers, 2009

Those guys are an interesting footnote but the second group is where insult really gets added to injury. It just stings more when Hairston or somebody does it after leaving; I know I had the knee-jerk "WHY DIDN'T HE DO THAT WHEN HE WAS HERE?" reaction. The seven who went elsewhere and rubbed our collective face in it are as follows:

  • Kevin McReynolds, Mets, 1989
  • Dave Winfield, Angels, 1991
  • Tony Fernandez, Yankees, 1995
  • Gary Matthews, Jr, Rangers, 2006
  • Mark Kotsay, Braves, 2008
  • Jody Gerut, Brewers, 2010
  • Shrek, Mets, 2012

It's interesting how so many different players could both hit for the cycle and play for the Padres without any overlap but, hey, that's randomness for you. Or at least I'll believe it's random until Will Venable gets traded and pulls it off.