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Chase Headley's Testimony

I always get a little uncomfortable hearing these testimonies. I think it goes back to a time in High School when Kev, Dex and I were hanging out at Parkway Plaza mall (like the popular kids do) and we were approached by an aggressive Christian evangelist. "Hey man!" he barked. Dex and I prepared for the an inevitable fight putting down our Orange Julius. Kev bolted, later saying he went to start the car in case we needed a quick getaway. The man continued "I want to tell you about Jesus!" Somehow we escaped without hearing his entire testimony, but I can't remember how.

Chase Headley's testimony is much more chill, except for the bed of Christian Rock blasting in the background. He tells the story of how he was saved freshman year in High School when a friend invited him to a Christian Fellowship meeting.

Chase says that to be a Christian athlete, you don't have to be passive and meek. You can be a warrior. He points to the bible verse that he has printed on his bats as proof. 2 Timonthy 1:7 says:

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but one of power, of love and self-discipline.

He says the inscription on his bat is a good conversation starter when discussing the Gospel with teammates, coaches, umpires and fans. Well, that and hunting.

"There's no better way to reach out, at least for me, than to share the Gospel through hunting."

I have a lot of respect for Chase, I can't imagine it's easy to bear your soul to a camera. If asked I'd probably run to start the car.