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Chase Headley's jammed thumb could keep him out of Opening Day lineup


Chase Headley jammed his thumb yesterday while sliding into second base, attempting to break up a double play.

I'm just getting a look at the video now and he didn't do anything too crazy like try to break up the play by sliding in thumbs first or thumb wrestle the shortstop on approach. To this layman's eyes the play looks like a text book feet first slide, but apparently his thumb on his trailing hand was jammed when he made contact with the bag.

"He went to slide into second base and got stuck and twisted around and his thumb ended up hitting the bag ... his thumb was in a bad spot," Black said.

Take a look for yourself. The very first play on this compilation video is the one where the injury occurred.

Headley underwent some basic tests after game that proved to be inconclusive. Today he'll exit camp to see a thumb specialist.

"We're going to have some studies -- some X-rays and maybe some other scans -- done," Black said.

I guess the initial tests look bad because all the headlines this morning say he may miss Opening Day.