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Wieland and Luebke rehab and live together

Our video mentor Annie Heilbrunn tweeted out a link to her latest feature.

Her video appetizer is a buddy comedy starring Cory Luebke and Joe Wieland. Apparently Wieland was kicked out of Mark Kotsay's house after the season, which was probably for the best. You don't want to live in the same house as Jamie Kotsay and always have Mark around trying to salt your game.

Since then Wieland and Luebke became roommates and are living in Luebke's house in La Jolla. If I had any pull whatsoever I would demand a new Fox Sports San Diego series chronicling their rehab, the remodeling of Luebke's house and their domestic partnership. Television gold.

I decided a few months ago that Joe Wieland was going to be my new favorite Padre this season. Chances are he won't even pitch, but if he can't play he can't lose. I think Luebke is set to return in late June, I'd be positive if they had a TV show.