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Padres documentary critical of ownership

I finally got around to watching Marver's 36 minute documentary, "The Padres. The Sad Truth". Even "Padres and Pints" felt short in comparison. It's getting a lot of hype, so I took notes in an attempt to capture his key points and claims so you can decide if you want to "Change the Padres" by boycotting the team. Here's Scott Miller's article he posted today on CBS Sports and here's Marver's interview with Darren Smith (MP3).

NOTE: I won't be boycotting the team or rooting for the Angels because I'm a Padres fan.

1. The Padres have lied to you.

  • The Peavy trade was premeditated. Moorad said a successful foundation was in place while Towers was discussing trades for Peavy at the same time. Moorad said he wanted to keep Adrian Gonzales for years to come but he was traded.
  • Jed Hoyer said that the Adrian Gonzalez trade wasn't the start of a fire sale. He said Heath Bell and other players weren't going to be traded. Hoyer traded Mike Adams and Ryan Ludwick at the deadline = fire sale.
    Moorad and Hoyer said they'd get a PTBNL in the Ludwick trade, but instead they got cash.
  • Garfinkel told Season Ticket Holders they traded Gonzalez because it would take $140-170 million over 7-8 years to sign Adrian. The Red Sox signed Gonzalez to a $154 million 7 year deal.
  • Hoyer hoped Anthony Rizzo would be a Padre for years to come. Rizzo was traded by Byrnes for Cashner 7 months later to Hoyer.
    Moorad said nobody was going to turn the organization upside down. Kevin Towers was fired. Jed Hoyer took a job with the Cubs and Josh Byrnes was promoted..
  • Garfinkel said he'd build a consistent brand. There's been a bunch of uniform and logo changes/additions.

2. The Padres are the cheapest team in baseball

  • Moorad said the Padres probably couldn't afford a $15 million a year player.
  • Padres slashed the payroll due in part to John Moores divorce and sale of the team.
  • Moorad said the payroll would start with a 4 in the 2010 season. Marver said it was $38 million while Corey Brock said it was $42 million.
  • Padres had the lowest payroll over three years from 2010-2012.
  • Amateur draft and International draft spending were less than the Pirates.
  • Orlando Hudson was the Padres highest paid free agent. He was a jerk.
    Padres were ranked the most profitable team by Forbes. Padres disputed the claim and refused to release their books.
  • The Padres failed to sign Karsten Whitson because Whitson wanted a half million dollars more.
    Gonzalez complained about travel accommodations to the All-Star game.

3.New ownership = old ownership

  • Ron Fowler was part of Moorad ownership. There are 7 other returning members.
  • Tom Garfinkel and Josh Byrnes retained their jobs.
    New ownership didn't sign anyone this winter except Marquis and Ross.
  • Byrnes said they needed to upgrade their pitching and then changed his tune and said they were "covered" as Spring Training approached.
  • Fowler fibbed about the team's payroll being $70 million this season.
  • No extension talks with Chase Headley are being discussed in the media, so it's an Adrian Gonzalez situation all over again.
    Both ownership groups have tried to get the All-Star game.
  • Both ownership groups want fans to expect less and be pleasantly surprised when they get more.

4. How can you help.

  • Don't attend Padres games.
  • Don't buy Padres gear.
  • Like his Facebook.
  • Follow his twitter.
  • Demand these 4 things from the Padres:
    1. Don't make promises you won't keep.
    2. Fulfill outstanding promises by signing Chase Headley.
    3. Supplement the Padres roster with Free Agents
    4. Apologize to fans
  • Watch the Angels, the Clippers or Aztec Basketball.