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Fox Sports San Diego announces New On-Air talent

Fox Sports San Diego announced today that they're adding three new reporters to their team. The three ladies will join crusty old jocks Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, Mark Sweeney and Mike Pomeranz.

"I'm very excited to add such quality and versatility to our talent lineup," said Jeff Byle, Executive Producer, FOX Sports San Diego. "This accomplished group brings a variety of experience to our broadcast team. I'm confident their engaging styles will help raise the level of our telecasts."

Without further ado, here they are. I took the liberty of adding their handles so you can follow them on the Twitters. Try to ignore the fact that Laura is dating Colorado Rockie Josh Rutledge, at least for now.

Laura McKeeman, Padres Sideline Reporter @LauraMckeeman
Kelly Crull, Padres Weekly Host, Sideline Reporter @KCru11
Megan Olivi, Padres POV Host, Social Media Reporter @MeganOlivi

Here's their first tweets about their new jobs: