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Trevor Hoffman wears a pony tail. "Beat Goes On" Campaign raises $50K.

We told you about the "Beat Goes On" Campaign for Scripps Health featuring Trevor Hoffman and a dunk tank a week or so ago. Well Scripps raised their $50,000 with the help of some 500 donors, which meant that Hoffman would be given the chance to dunk local news anchor Susan Taylor, but he himself would not face the dunk tank. San Diegans donated just the right amount of money to help fight cardiovascular disease AND protect the dignity of the Padres legend.

That is until Hoffman showed up in a track suit and a pony tail. It looks like retirement has been good to the closer. Have a look at the picture below, if you're in good health blood will flow to your nether regions making them turgid.

It also looks like like he left his pitch up in the zone. Bob Scanlan was the Master of Ceremonies for the event and you can see the ball is at eye level for a tall drink of water like Scanman.