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Chase Headley wins Padres archery competition

Yes, this Chase Headley.
Yes, this Chase Headley.
Paul Gilham

Padres manager Bud Black likes to keep things real loosey-goosey around Spring Training. Last week he carried the torch for the Catcher's Olympics but apparently baseball themed games just don't keep the players loose enough. They were still much too tight and needed to step further away from the slings and arrows of their profession.

This morning the Padres players participated in an archery contest on one of the back practice fields where they shot deer, coyote and turkey decoys. I love that some of the guys dressed up in ghillie suits. If I was there I would have built a deer blind and soaked myself in deer urine, but that's only because I have the heart of a champion.

Also thanks to tirelessly watching old episodes of Lady Jane Mitchell's One-on-One interviews with players I was able to predict the winner.

Bulls-eye bitches! In one episode Chase Headley took Lady Jane to the archery range in Balboa Park to show her his off-season hobby. He was Katniss Everdeen before there was a Katniss Everdeen.