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Matt Vasgersian talks to Casey Kelly

The MLB Network's 30 Clubs in 30 Days is coming soon already being aired. This is a clip where they talk to Casey Kelly about Adrian Gonzalez and pitching coaches. It's a pretty dull interview, but I just like hearing Matt Vasgersian talk about the Padres. It reminds me of his time here in San Diego when we were young and the Padres were just good enough to make you hate them for sucking whenever it mattered.

If this video is any indication the MLB Network has gone really casual since last time I watched, which was a few years ago. In the past everybody used to wear suits and Vasgersian always looked fresh as hell. I thought for sure when the MLB Network arrived on the scene that it would be one of my go to channels, but I just never really got into. I couldn't even tell you what channel it's on now. When I do happened upon one of its shows while channel surfing it's always a Top 50 list that seems to last forever.

Oh well, there's a blog post.