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MLB Advanced Media Charging Customers Without Notice?

Last Thursday I received an email from PayPal informing me that a payment of $124.99 was made to MLB Advanced Media. This came as quite the surprise to me considering I hadn't authorized a payment of any sort.

I immediately went to my PayPal account and cancelled the payment, and then contacted MLB Advanced Media via email to say that the payment was a mistake and I hadn't authorized it. Within a couple hours I got an email back:


I talked to a few other people who seemed to have the same problem. Apparently it was an autopayment for a subscription of MLB.TV for the 2013 season. I would maybe understand if I had subscribed last season, but the last time I had MLB.TV was when I paid for just the postseason in 2010. So I'm not really sure why I was automatically subscribed for this season.

One person did tell me that they had received an email a few weeks ago informing/warning of the automatic payment so that people could opt out if they wanted to. Another person told me they never received any notice. I looked back through my old emails and couldn't find anything like that, even in my trash and spam folders.

Anyway, thankfully it was fairly easy to take care of and resolve. But it was still an inconvenience and it just sucks that it had to be an issue in the first place. It seemed like this was something that was happening to quite a few people, so hopefully MLB Advanced Media takes better measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

If this is something you experienced, make sure to contact MLB customer service at and let them know.