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Steve Garvey Fighting Prostate Cancer, Auctioning Memorabilia

Kent Horner

More misfortune has struck another member of the "triumphant and tragic" 1984 team. Steve Garvey announced in a press release that he has been fighting prostate cancer since last fall.

Garvey underwent a procedure to remove his prostate in October and told Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times that he is keeping a positive mental attitude despite knowing he isn't in the clear yet. He vowed to "dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to prostate awareness" in addition to his continued support of youth baseball.

That brings us to the second topic of Garvey's release. He announced he will be auctioning a slew of memorabilia, including his MVP award, a Gold Glove, and championship rings from his Dodger days. The one item of most interest to Padres fans would be the bat he used to hit the home run that put San Diego on the baseball map.

If you're anything like me, such a piece of history is just a bit outside of your price range. Fret not, there's plenty you can do. You could drop a few bucks in a jar by the counter at the convenience store or sponsor a runner. Or you could do the running and get people to sponsor you. Speaking of sponsorship, us gentlemen of Gaslamp Ball should put our money where our May beards are. We're going to grow them anyway, so we might as well use them as a force of good to fight cancer.

Get well, Garv. I promise I'll never talk mess on you for being a Dodger again.