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Padres sensation Jedd Gyorko hits grand slam, kickstarts Padres' winning Spring


And after it he got. Jedd Gyorko wasn't kidding, he was just champing at the bit.

Let me set the scene:

Wispy clouds stretched across the Arizona sky, the air was crisp but dry and there was a local pollen alert in effect. There they were at historic Peoria Stadium in its 20th year of existence...

Fans watched suspiciously as Everth Cabrera walked to start the game, striding to first base in record time. Will Venable reached base in the only way he could, with the help of a fielding error. Chris Denorfia singled because that's what great hitters do. His line shot to center scored the first run of the season, victory was all but assured. Yondor Alonso popped up, allowing the Mariners to take a breath and adjust their athletic supporters. With one out the ogre Kyle Blanks drew another walk to load the bases.

That's when my new favorite player Jedd Gyorko crushed a grand slam to left center field, cementing himself in Padres lore as the greatest second basemen in the team's long and storied history.

I only listened to a few minutes of the game but I hear the Padres went on to win 9-3 against the rival Mariners.

Yay Padres! Kilo Tango Foxtrot!