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Baseball America Top 100 Prospects: San Diego Padres looking good in baseball pants

Four Padres make appearances in Baseball America's annual list. All the other prospects are going to start wearing tighter fitting pants.


Baseball America has released their Top Prospects 100 for 2013 list. These are the dudes who are destined - destined, I say - to become super stars.

Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always felt that Baseball America focuses way too much on athleticism as opposed to skills. Like they'll skew very heavily in favor of the guy that looks like he can play baseball as opposed to the guy that demonstrably plays baseball well (see Ruben Rivera, Ben Davis in the 90's).

That said, it maybe shouldn't come as a surprise that Jedd Gyorko, he of the MLB ready bat, our third second baseman of the future, comes in on the list at number 71, behind the other three prospects on the list: Casey Kelly (45th), Max Fried (46th) and Austin Hedges (58th).

The presence of Austin Hedges is nice considering he's new to this list this year and, in case you didn't notice, we kinda have an issue at catcher. I guess we also have an issue with pitching too so it's nice to see Fried show up.

Falling off of the list from last year are Yonder Alonso (not sure what became of him), Rymer Liriano (who is broken now), Yasmani Grandal (yep) and Cory Spangenberg (former "top second base prospect" who just doesn't look as sexy as he did a year ago).