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A.J. Hinch: Chase Headley might play for Team USA in WBC

A.J. Hinch Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • There's a chance Chase Headley might play for Team USA in the WBC. The Padres will know by next week. The team supports the WBC, but it is important that its players are ready for the start of the MLB season.
  • Brad Ausmus conducted the "Catcher Olympics" yesterday. Bud Black invited the whole team and front office to watch to put extra pressure on the catchers. Grandal won the competition.
  • Hinch doesn't think the 2nd base job is Jedd Gyorko's job to lose, but he's getting looked at the most. It's still an open competition. They want to see how he responds to the pressure of playing in big league camp. They want to test all of his skills. "His defense is fine."
  • Hinch thinks the Padres have pitching depth. On the starting rotation: "We have plenty of time and we certainly have options."
  • "I don't think we're going to concede anything in 2013. I know Josh, and I've worked for him in a lot of different capacities and he doesn't concede anything."
  • Hinch believes that chemistry, camaraderie and familiarity will carry over from last season. "How many games does that help us win? We'll have to play the games to find out."
  • "We're not a perfect roster right now." Bud Black says he doesn't need the 25 best he needs the right 25. The Padres are going to give opportunities to some really talented young players.