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Yasmani Grandal privately apologized to Padres team for PED use, will not answer media questions

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here's audio of Yasmani Grandal's statement he read to the media. He said his legal counsel advised him not to answer any questions about PEDs, but would be happy to talk about baseball anytime. He mentions he's aware of press reports about the "so called Miami Clinic".

Marty also has some unusually tense video of Bud Black fielding questions about Grandal's apology. Black seems really testy and uncomfortable throughout the video. Black does say, unlike Josh Byrnes and Ron Fowler, he's got all the information he needs from Grandal and he trusts that it won't happen again.

I'm not sure why the team even needs a private apology from the Grandal. If his public apology is sincere and good enough for the fans then it should be good enough for the team as well.


Marty just posted Chase Headley's reaction to the apology. Chase thinks the team is ready to accept Grandal and his apology. For some reason I'm always surprised how well spoken Chase is. He makes a good spokesperson for the team.