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Yasmani Grandal working up towards maybe, possibly apologizing for stuff, but it will take a few days

Next, it'll be news to find out that he courtesy flushes in the clubhouse bathroom.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has this bit of breaking news:Yasmani Grandal is planning to apologize this weekend to his teammates. This is news people.

As we all know, it's been 3 months since Grandal was suspended for his PED use. In that time, there hasn't been an apology.

Since then, it's been one week since the Padres players looked at Yasmani Grandal, cocked their collective heads to the side and said, "I'm angry". Five days since they laughed at him, said, "Get that together, come back and see me."

It is now three days till the apology. Grandal is realizing it's all his fault, but is unable to tell anybody. By tomorrow, the Padres players will have forgiven him, but it will still be two days till he says he's sorry.

In other news, Bert Kaempfert's got the mad hits. You try to match wits. You try to hold me, but I bust through.