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Welcome to the blogosphere, Padres Public!

There's a new Padres blog in town, which is a lot like a bunch of old Padres blogs, except in the same place and all peppy-like.

Denis Poroy

Three points that have floated in my head about Padres Public, the new Padres blog that you've already heard about.

Point Number 1: If you have read, almost literally, any other Padres blog in the past three years, you will find that blogger on Padres Public. Notable exceptions are Chicken Friars, Friarhood and Mad Friars, which leads me to believe that this is a collection of Padres bloggers who hate referring to the San Diego Baseball Club as the "Friars" more than Tom Garfinkel. Hate, I said.

Point Number 2: I had waited this long to post a welcome blog post because I actually am familiar with the blogging habits of many of the bloggers collected and I had thought that the thing would've imploded in a heap of beer bongs, non-updates and brown t-shirts by now. I kid, but kinda not really. Actually, I heard from a bird that things are really legit on the back-end with a schedule and everything.

Point Number 3: Despite what anybody might think, we love having more active Padres blogs around. It gives us more stuff to link out to, more stuff to talk about, and places where people might go if they don't like the culture of Gaslamp Ball day in and day out. More stuff to agree with. More stuff to disagree with.

So welcome! Hooray!