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Staton jersey returns to Padres Garage Sale, recognized by old friend, ready to travel again

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is a Gaslamp Ball community project that chronicles the Padres' season through the lives of their greatest fans and an old jersey.

Dex talked to Craig Elsten of 619Sports:

The Padres Garage Sale Revisited

We brought the Dave Staton jersey back to its place of purchase on Saturday, the Padres FanFest Garage Sale. We browsed the Garage Sale really halfheartedly this year. Unfortunately we had shown up so late to FanFest that we just assumed that everything good was already gone. There were probably still hidden treasures available somewhere but you can't find that stuff without heart.

Dex spotted a Stand Up 2 Cancer patch at one table and he decided to purchase it for the jersey. Next up was a table full of uniform letters. We spread them out in front of us looking for something interesting to spell. We decided on the boring but fitting "GLB". We were able to find the first two letters in late 80's throwback brown and orange. The "B" we found was red and presumably was made for a minor league uniform.

Upon deciding to leave and we headed to the check out where a lady ridiculed us for only spending $3. "Oh look at the BIG SPENDERS! You know this money goes to a charity right? You're really going to use a credit card for a $3 purchase? The Padres Foundation will be losing money on this deal after the processing fee. Well LA-DEE-DA! Taking home FOUR patches! Don't break the bank boys!" Then she forced us to take a huge plastic bag to carry patches.

Meeting a Friend of Dave Staton

On our way down to the field a guy walking behind Dex exclaimed "DAVE STATON!" It turns out that this guy went to High School with Staton and was friends with him for a time. We never caught the guys name, but he was also the voice of the Rancho Cucamunga Quakes while Staton was hitting 30 bombs with the team in the early 90's. He told us about Staton's tremendous power, but inability to hit the curve ball. We asked if they are still friends but apparently they had lost touch. We told him about the jersey's travels and suggested that this would be a good excuse to get back into contact with Dave. He said he'd let us know if he was successful in making contact.

Now Accepting Applications to Join The Sisterhood

In any case I think we decided to keep this jersey on the road for at least another season if you all are willing. If you'd like to take part in its adventures you need to email me your:

  1. name
  2. username
  3. address
  4. preferred dates

By becoming part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey you are agreeing to receive the jersey, wear it as much as possible during your allotted week, mail it to the next community member and then write a FanPost detailing both the jersey's journey and your own personal journey through pictures and the written word. It's very important that you actually write a FanPost after your travels. Don't be like Winfield's Ghost. We also strongly encourage you to add a patch commemorating its time with you.