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How the Bitter Better Fan wants to ruin Padres baseball for you

It's a breed of fan, not unlike the dreaded Foulweather Fan, but possibly more aggravating.

If there's one kind of fan that just completely irks me, it's the Bitter Better Fan. The "fan" who truly believes that they are a better fan, a more informed fan, a more intelligent fan, a more "supportive" fan because of their extreme bitterness and willingness to not support anything about the team that they purport to be a fan of while trying to turn you to that same view.

HEY! I am a fan! I'm a better fan than you because I'm bitter! I'm bitter because we are all being wronged and if you were a good fan like me, you'd actually stop supporting the team you love and be a bitter, whiny, person, shouting and screaming that everything about the team we're fans of sucks!

And that's the logic.

Listen, BBF, you're not being a "better" fan because you're bitter. You're bitter. And that's that. And stop trying to turn me and my friends into you just because I want to see if Chase hits more home runs this year or not. I'm not going to get all up in arms just because I like Will Venable and he's not making $100 million and/or hitting 60 home runs. I may be irritated that the Padres don't get shown on TV in San Diego, but I'm not going to stop watching them in an effort to make them easier to watch.

That's idiotic.

Because really, we're talking about the worst part about the Bitter Better Fan. It's not just that they're bitter and loud about it. It's not that they think they're better than you and loud about it. It's the combination of the two things. Somehow, they're doing it right and you're doing it wrong and it's their purpose to spread their bitter anger to you and everybody else, including little children and people who just want to enjoy watching baseball games regardless of the team's P&L, the side investments of the ownership group, the tax brackets of the players, the debt incurred from the ballpark or the interest rates on bonds being used to fund hotels.

For example... The photo at the top of this post is of a boy hugging Cameron Maybin. It's from Fan Fest where Cam was out setting up the tee for little kids to hit off of. It's a fantastic photo. That little boy looks ready to pop over the fact that he got a mini-batting clinic from Cam Maybin. Tom Garfinkel posted that photo on his Facebook page and Bitter Better Fan was extremely quick to point out as a comment under the photo that Padres fans are being screwed (including I assume, that little boy who's apparently getting nothing out of Padres baseball) and there are no big name players on the team (which is something that little boy should know before he goes on to live a life where he appreciates people for things besides how much money they make).

Just take a step back, Bitter Better Fan. You may be looking at the world as if everybody else is crazy, but when you get to the point that you would rain all over the parade of a little kid hugging his favorite player, it's time to reassess exactly what you think being a fan means.