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The most promising TWC/FSSD news yet: TWC CEO to step down (allegedly) because the company sucks

In the face of lowered profits and a two-faced approach to sports programming, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt is stepping down.

So Time Warner Cable wants to save you money by making sure that the people who would pay too much for sports programming are unable to charge too much for sports programming by paying more for sports programming than those other guys and also not letting you watch any sports programming that they themselves didn't buy.

Got it? Good.

In the light of that amazesauce strategy, we should all celebrate that today has happened, because today, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has announced that he'll be stepping down at the end of the year.

Apparently, this strategy of double-charging for sports programming while also stubbornly refusing to show sports programming that they were losers on (read... FSSD and Our Padres), has led (I would hope) to the fact that Time Warner Cable is simply losing money not performing to expectation. The spin being that they're trying to control costs by cutting out the evil middle man, but secretly openly just making themselves the evil middle man. Apparently, saying that you're going to cut out the middle man just so you can burn the candle at both ends doesn't sit well in terms of actually being a profitable solution.

Hypocrisy has its limits I suppose and I'm hoping that Glenn Britt being a lame duck CEO means that the company will move post haste to rectify this crap situation. In other words: Padres on TWC in 2013. Make it happen.

In fact, I hope FSSD goes one further and follows through with the LA Times suggestion in San Diego. Basically, send out the notice that Fox refused to overpay for the Dodgers and then hit them with the one-two punch of lowering the price of its RSN channels (even if its a token minimal amount). What better way to show that you're the one who cares about the sports fan by actually doing things that show you care about the sports fan.

Time Warner Cable... You're up to bat! There's no impressing the CEO that's losing you money! Time to make good with San Diego sports fan and carry FSSD!