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Dave Winfield quits Padres front office, takes new union job in MLB

Darryl Norenberg-US PRESSWIRE

Dave Winfield has quit his Senior Vice President position with the Padres after 13 years of service.  Instead he has decided to take a position with the MLB Player's Union under local boy and former Padre Tony Clark.  The job seems like a better fit for Winfield since he has said in the past that he thinks of himself as a representative of all teams and players, but mostly the Yankees.  Okay, fine, he didn't technically say the last part... aloud.

Dave Winfield joins MLBPA staff as special assistant | News

"As a former union leader, I'm thrilled to be joining the ranks of the most accomplished and respected sports union in the country to help provide a generational link and historical perspective to today's players," Winfield said in a statement. "I have participated in nearly every aspect of the game, and I look forward to putting that experience to good use in support of Tony Clark and various MLBPA activities and initiatives."

It was always tough to tell exactly what Dave Winfield was up to as a Padres Front Office employee. He didn't even live in San Diego during much of the last decade.  Was he telecommuting? We knew that he was passionate about his annual Salute to the Negro Leagues event and was involved with the Padres Friar Fit program to combat childhood obesity, but from an outsider's view that seemed to be the extent of his contributions.  His appointment was more of a figurehead and ambassador for the team as far as I could tell.

Still, he was a hell of a ball player and gave the early Padres' clubs a legitimate threat in the line up.