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1984 San Diego Padres: A Dedicated Season

A season dedicated to Ray Kroc

Otto Greule Jr

I spent a good part of my afternoon watching and re-watching portions of the docudrama "1984 San Diego Padres: A Dedicated Season".

The big takeaway for me was that I should learn how to make animated gifs.  In watching this there was about 50-75 times that I wanted to clip a fan's reaction or play from this video and replay it over and over and then post it on a message board in response to a completely unrelated comment.  I tried making one and here's how it turned out, not too bad for a first try  Maybe we can all split up duties and make a few hundred gifs that we can leave in all the dark corners of the internet.

So far some of my favorite parts were when the fans were begging for a "Big Mac Attack" from Kevin McReynolds at roughly the nine minute mark and the Tony Gwynn segment that starts right around sixteen minutes.  Both are so good.

I'm only about halfway through watching, so I'll let you catch up with me and we can watch the rest together tonight.  Great, it's a date!