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Luke Gregerson trade for Seth Smith is rotten!

Christian Petersen

In doing my initial sweep for reactions to the Luke Gregerson trade to the A's for Seth Smith, I've found that not many analysts have an opinion on what this move means for the Padres. They all love the trade from the Athletics' perspective and can't stop themselves from patting Beane on the back, but they don't give the Pads much consideration. The fans don't seem to happy about it so far. I don't think I'd make that trade, but I'm not too broken up about it either.

As of now the trade is rotten and ranks only 27% on the Tomatometer making its movie equivalent Fast & Furious. R.I.P Paul Walker.


I added some more reviews of the trade. We're now at 30% on the Tomatometer with the film equivalent being the 2012 remake of Total Recall.


I added one more review of the trade. Now we sit at 33% on the Tomatometer alongside Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which was a real stinker.


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Here's the media and blogger opinions I could find. Leave me links in the comments if you find any more. Also, vote for yourself in the poll at the bottom of the page.


Gregorson for another bat..even deal for both sides..Seth Smith can swing..Luke trusty worthy setup

A 5th OF w/more extreme platoon splits than Venable & no defensive versatility, in exchange for arguably the best reliever on the team? Eh.

A's win Johnson & Gregerson deals

I didn't expect a big trade don't get me wrong, but you just traded your best bullpen chip for a 4th OF.

Not a fan of Padre side - Smith just ain't that good.

I like Seth Smith, but he seems redundant on a team that has Will Venable.


Athletics trade Seth Smith to Padres for Luke Gregerson -
The Padres had a just-about-league average offense this past season (97 OPS+) but there is always room for another lefty bat on an NL roster. They also have bullpen depth to spare. Closer Huston Street is still backed up by setup men Dale Thayer, Nick Vincent, Tim Stauffer and Brad Boxberger, among others.

Really hope the have something up their sleeve that will justify this trade.....cause right now this trade makes no sense at all.

Immediate reaction: not crazy about trade of Gregerson for A;s Seth Smith. Smith in 2013: .253 8 HR 40 RBI

FTR, I see no problem with Smith. Just don't like giving up Gregerson for a rental, while you have Venable.


If Seth Smith is taking away ABs from Amarista then that's a good thing for the offense.


Padres get better - McCovey Chronicles
Verdict: Probably a net positive for them, and I'll miss the Greg Lukerson jokes. Lug Grukerson. Group Loogerson. Son Groogerlek. Man, so many permutations. Smith is a fine platoon/fourth outfielder, and the Padres make relievers out of dandelion spores, so it's a good swap. I'm not sure how much playing time Smith will get, though, considering Will Venable and Carlos Quentin exist. Unless there's a trade a-brewin'.

He'll [Seth Smith] be a valuable piece, just don't understand why you do the move now unless you feel like you've maximized LG's value.


Padres Add "The Final Piece" | Padres Public
I was just fine with the trade. It should complete the outfield, although not with a new starter as some had hoped, and allow Bud Black to keep players like Jesus Guzman and Alexi Amarista out of the outfield as much as possible, if they even remain on the roster. It creates a hole in the bullpen, but I figure Ramona’s own Nick Vincent is just about ready to fill that hole if Byrnes doesn’t go out and grab recently non-tendered hurler John Axford


Calm down about Gregerson. When is the last time we traded a reliever and lived to regret it? Don't sell short on Seth Smith. He's a scrappy guy hungry to prove himself.

Here's where I am: If Byrnes' next move(s) involves strengthening the bullpen without weakening the team elsewhere, I'm OK with trade.

"Huh? What's that? Connection must be bad. I thought you said you'd take Seth Smith for Gregerson..."

Rotten_mediumPadres trade Gregerson to land Seth Smith |
The Padres got the left-handed bat they were seeking Tuesday afternoon. But they paid a very high price.

Thought Gregerson would fetch more than Seth Smith.

Rotten_mediumA’s Continue to Go for it, Padres Continue to Go Somewhere | FanGraphs Baseball
Which leaves us with the Padres. As we so often like to pick a winner and a loser of a trade, it might be easy to pick the Padres as the losers. [SNIP] Gregerson and Smith make pretty much the same amount of money, so this wasn’t some sort of salary dump, and it’s hard to believe the Padres are trying to buy low on an average-fielding 31-year-old with a fairly extreme platoon split who becomes a free agent in 2015. This seems like the part of a larger plan. Until the rest of it materializes, this side of the deal is hard to judge.


Padres Insider: Benoit changes perception |
But, and I’m in the minority here, I liked the acquisition of Smith all along. My guess is that Smith is a lot better player than most fans perceive.