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Christmas Shopping and My 2014 Hat

When I go shopping I tend to think more about myself than anybody else.  This past weekend I headed out with the fam and bought a few things and supposedly saved some money on all the deals that were to be had.  While cruising the mall in Mission Valley I spotted what will become my 2014 hat.  In order to get a "deal" I had to buy two hats, so I also picked up the boy his first fitty nine fitty.

For next year's hat I am going with the 1948 PCL hat. I love all those PCL throwbacks and this may be my favorite Padre hat of all time.  Besides if Darklighter can pull it off, I'm pretty sure I can too.

I figure this would be a good opurtunity for everyone to post up any Padres related deals, or any Padres gifts they plan on buying or bought.  Somehow I also managed to buy myself a new cordless drill and saw.