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Padres have not traded or signed Chase Headley

Denis Poroy

If it's true that no news is good news then I have some good news for you.  Chase Headley hasn't signed a long-term extension or been traded to another team.  It also doesn't appear that either option will happen in the foreseeable future.  Instead the Padres may just wait until the season begins to see if Headley can bounce back from a pretty meh 2013.  Either way it sounds like Byrnes and company are open to trading him if they get the right pieces in return.

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The Padres have made a few runs at signing third baseman Chase Headley to a long-term contract to no avail, and now according to sources, San Diego is willing to listen to offers for the switch-hitter.

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But their original plans remain in place: the Pads will wait until at least June, evaluate his market, then either gauge his trading deadline value or go through to free agency, make the qualifying offer and see where it leads them.

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The possibility of Headley signing long-term with the Padres appears to be heading toward nil at the moment, though. Teams aren't clamoring for Headley in trade now like they were a year ago, when he was about the hottest finisher in baseball. But his free-agent price is only rising.

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My best guess is he'll stay here through the winter, but that the two sides won't likely reach an agreement on a contract extension.