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Million Dollar Arm Trailer is good, emphasizes Dodger ridiculousness

If there's one thing I love more than watching a baseball game, it's watching a baseball movie. So here's one that full-disclosure-i-work-for-Disney is coming soon about people trying to play baseball who have little-to-no business playing baseball.

'Million Dollar Arm' Official Trailer (via Grantland)

Jon Hamm plays the dude who tried to get MLB tryouts for Indian cricket players. Bonus points if the twist turns out that the cricketers are recovering from a broken arm that heals wrong and/or are actually 43 year old men who have never realized that they throw the ball 100 mph, but it doesn't look to be that way from the trailer.

While I think this movie will be very touching and heartfelt and I will cry and have a hankering for various curries and chai teas afterwards, it makes me snicker a little inside to see that it's a Dodger Fan that has come up with the fundamentally terrible idea of turning cricket players into MLB pitchers.

Nice job, Dodger Fan. Way to overspend.

Check the scene with the scouts and their speed gun measurement devices. You'll see a couple of cameos in the crowd including a cameo of a Padres alternative cap.

When we movie club this movie in the future, we should do it while wearing very loud and ornate clothing that exposes our belly buttons and jangles when we seductively move our hips and shake our hands.