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MLB Non-Rumors: Of Course The Padres Aren't Pursuing Japanese Star Masahiro Tanaka

Koji Watanabe

The big story of the offseason has been the "will they or won't they" narrative surrounding the Rakuten Golden Eagles and their potential posting of star starter Masahiro Tanaka. Well, it isn't a big story to me because I'm a Padres fan and there's no flippin' way they're getting in on that.

Tanaka was a ridiculous 24-0 last season with a 1.27 ERA -- his second season out of the last three with an ERA of exactly 1.27. He posted a 1.87 mark in 2012; not exactly what you'd call an off-year.

Since Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball reached an agreement on a $20,000,000 maximum posting fee, the Golden Eagles have been waffling on whether to let him go. If it were up to me they'd keep him, because the only impact he'll have on the Padres if he comes stateside is kicking their asses, and there are already enough pitchers who can do that.

So, to summarize: Nothing's going on and you just got click-baited. Ain't that America.