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Quiz: Padres Designated Hitters

Thearon W. Henderson

I really like making these quizzes, but there is one downside: I never get to take Padres quizzes! Oh well, small price to pay, I suppose. People seem to like these more than stuff I actually put thought into and write, but I'll gladly mindlessly enter years and names into columns for your entertainment. Everybody wins! Speaking of me just going into autopilot, hey, don't forget to enter your results in the poll and use spoiler bars in your comments!

Today's quiz is one that Friar Fever requested some time ago. I finally got around to making it after getting a nudge.

And that brings us to now. There have been 55 players who have served as a DH for the Padres in a regular season game since that interleague garbage became a part of life. It's up to you to name as many as you can. It might help to just use the "throw [feces] at a wall and see what sticks" method since a lot of these guys are not prototypical DH types. Then again, some of them are. And by that I mean slow and elderly.

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. Go for it!