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Padres are bringing brown back!

...for a series. The Padres will appease the masses in late May. Better than nothing, right?


As long as I have been a Padres fan, the team has been wearing some form of blue.  Blue and orange.  Blue and white.  Blue and sand.*  I became a Padres fan in the mid-90's, so I was not privy to the beauty of the brown.  In fact, I always hated the brown as a kid.  But, I love it now.  I want the team to stand out, to be unique.  I want them to Bring Back the Brown.  And they are!  But only for a series.

*By the way, sand is not a color.  Sand is what we find on San Diego beaches.  You don't go to the beach and say "what colors is that sand?" only to have someone respond, "uh, sand."

So, break out your old 80's brown and get to the park May 22-25.  This is yet another audition oh supporters of the brown.  Wear it proud, wear it in force!