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A cat named Gwynn is rescued from outside Petco Park

I sent this heartwarming story to Jonny the other day because he loves cats and the Padres.  Unfortunately the story starts with an act of human cruelty. A Padres fan found a cat duct taped to a box outside of Petco Park with a broken leg, towards the end of the season.

Gwynn | Saving Pets One at a TIme | Animal Rescue | Oceanside, CA

This is Gwynn, named after ex-Padre Tony Gwynn. She is a beautiful 4 month old kitten that was found by a Good Samaritan at Petco Park after a Padre’s game last week. When he found her, poor little Gwynn was taped inside of a box! Thankfully, our Good Samaritan rescued her, brought her to the shelter and began advertising for help on Craigslist. Love Your Ferals saw the Craigslist ad and reached out to SPOT.

I love that they named the cat after Tony Gwynn.  I wish I had been following the story as it happened, maybe we could have sponsored a portion of the cat's recovery.

Fortunately the good folks of SPOT were there to help Gwynn recuperate with the help of a foster mother named Karen.  They gave updates every few days.  In September she had a rough go of it.  The people of SPOT had her leg set and put in a cast and did their best to manage the pain.

About midway through the updates we find that after the cast was removed that Gwynn's leg didn't heal properly and the doctors were forced to amputate.

We have very sad news about Gwynn. A few days ago, Gwynn’s doctor said the bones did not heal correctly. The foster has been reporting to her doctor the pain was not getting better and Gwynn was not using her leg and when she moved the wrong way she would scream meow in pain.

The decision was made to amputate.. this was not a decision made lightly. Her bones did not grow together as the doctor wanted. SPOT has had the best medical care for Gwynn and provided a safe, loving caring foster home. if she kept her leg she was looking at a life of pain ahead of her.

The surgery was a success and not soon after Gwynn found a new permanent home with an adopted father.

Tom has been following Gwynn’s updates from the very beginning and said he fell in love with her and knew he wanted to give her the loving, caring home she deserves after such a rough start. Gwynn now has two female cats, seven years old to play with.

I'm not even a big cat person, but I feel all gooey inside.  Click the link at the top of the page for all the updates and pictures of Gwynn the cat.