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Cora Card Chronicles: 1987 Bohemian Hearth Bread

Of the several-hundred cards I have of Joey Cora, this is the only one that refers to him as Jose instead of Joey. Although that is his given name, he had been going by Joey since at least back in his college days at Vanderbilt. My guess is that whoever was in charge of making this set for Bohemian Hearth Bread just saw his full name on a roster and ran with it.

...which brings me to the second elephant in the room. Bohemian Hearth Bread? Why, I never! Before I got this card I had never heard of Bohemian Hearth Bread or any baseball cards bearing their name. It turns out the makers of Bohemian Hearth Bread, the now-defunct Fornaca Family Bakery, issued only this set. The cards in the set of 22 are not numbered, but each player's number is noted on the front. Therefor, Eric Show's card is referred to as card number 30 despite there only being 22 cards.  While my interest in this set is mostly limited to accruing more copies of this Joey Jose Cora card, I have to say I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a copy of card number 19.