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Padres Rumors: No trade, less playing time likely for Cameron Maybin

More speculation than rumor, but don't expect the Padres to trade Cameron Maybin anytime soon.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

A year after Cameron Maybin struggled through injuries and poor play, some have considered him a lost cause. This does not come long after he was signed to a 5-year, $25 million extension and considered the face of the future for the San Diego Padres. However, despite Maybin's injury history and poor play of late, the Padres are not in a position to trade him, and they probably don't want to.

During the weekly chat Bill Center of the San Diego Union Tribune holds, someone asked about the potential of a Maybin trade. Center indicated that such a trade was not likely because of Maybin's injury history and the Padres' perceived value versus what the market would pay.

Given his wrist and knee problems last year, I don't see anyone trading for Maybin at what the Padres view as his far market value. Venable only goes to center every day if Maybin is again hurt. Maybin will be a Padre.

Center went on to explain why Maybin might actually see a little bit less playing time during the 2014 season. It has more to do with acquisitions than his play last season. Of course, had Maybin played like he did in his first season in San Diego, the acquisition wouldn't have mattered.

Incidentally, I can see that -- with the arrival of Seth Smith -- you might see Venable more in center against right-handed pitchers even if Maybin is healthy. That would put Smith in right (or left for Quentin) and put two left-handed outfielders in the lineup at the same time

Maybin played in only 14 games last year. In 2012, he played in 147 games, and in 2011, Maybin played in 137 games. However, even in 2012, the Padres centerfielder of the future started to show some regression. Prior to arriving in San Diego, Maybin never hit more than .250 in a season (with the outlier being 8 games in 2008 where he hit .500). Maybin has always had potential though, and the Padres acquired him on potential.

After his impressive 2011 season, San Diego decided to lock the 26-year-old Maybin up for the next five years. The deal was widely praised, but so far it is looking like a bust. Personally, I still think Maybin can break out and have more season like 2011 than seasons like he had with Detroit and Florida. The deal was a team-friendly one, so it makes the most sense for San Diego to ride out Maybin's contract as long as they can and hope he can get healthy and productive again.