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Padres' Rule 5 acquisition, Patrick Schuster, is pretty cool

He's not just some guy who you thought was going to be a different guy who is coming to the Padres after a weird trade by another guy (last guy is Josh Byrnes, keeping up?). He's a fans' player.


When the San Diego Padres dealt Anthony Bass to the Houston Astros for cash considerations or a player to be named later and agreed to also give the Astros cash considerations or a player to be named later, people quickly realized they were essentially trading Bass for one of the Astros' Rule 5 picks.  Most people thought the Padres would get Brian Moran.  Turns out they got Patrick Schuster.  And Schuster is already endearing himself to fans.

Let's get a run down of some of the questions and answers, neatly organized so you don't have to do it yourself.  See, I'm a giver.

Beards are hard

Ben Stiller at his finest

Getting down to business

This is important stuff here!

Sure hope so

Fatal flaw?

This was a pretty cool thing Schuster did here. Not many athletes will take the time to honestly answer questions.  If there is one way to find yourself embedded in the hearts of Padres fans everywhere (like a heart worm) is to actually interact.  However, you have to at least fake some love for the brown uniforms!