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Jake Peavy's Multiple-Error Rookie Card

Jake Peavy is one of those guys I don't go out of my way to collect yet I have a few dozen cards of him that I've accrued basically by accident because there are so many of them. He's like Eric Show or Ed Whitson in that regard. This card stands apart from the crowd though, and I didn't even know I wanted it until I had it.

I received this card, along with several others, in the mail out of the blue earlier this week courtesy of my e-migo Marcus of the great Padres card blog All The Way To The Backstop. Of course my eyes were first drawn to the misspelling of Peavy's last name. I immediately wondered if they spelled it correctly on the back or if it was spelled like a guitar amp on both sides.
Sure enough, his surname is misspelled on the back as well, but that is not the extent of the inaccuracies. His height, weight, handedness, and draft information are all correct, but his birthday and place of birth are incorrect. You may have already noticed that they repeated the birth information of Phil Wilson, the player above Peav(e)y. Jake was in fact born on May 31, 1981, as opposed to April Fools' Day of that year. As you know, Peavy was not one of the five Padres born in West Virginia; he's an Alabama man through and through.