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How big of a Padres fan are you?


Just how big of a Padres fan are you? That's the question we've all been wondering. To find out I made a really unscientific test to give us our Padres fandom score. It took me forever, like hours to create it. You'd think I'd get quicker at this sort of thing.

The test itself is a list of the top 100 Padres experiences according to me and a little bit of Jonny and Dex. Coming up with the last 60 was tough. I was really struggling there for awhile, but I bore down and gritted my teeth and made it happen. How many of them have you experienced or been a part of? Me? I got a 61. That's not bad as far as I'm concerned, but hell I made the test.


I'll admit that the test does favor those of us that live in town. Please don't think I believe that out-of-town Padres fans are any less of fans, far from it. It's the test that thinks your a bad fan, not me.

How Big of a Padres Fan Are You?
Find your score on this list by clicking each item that you have completed.