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Insider on Headley at MLB Winter Meetings

Insider states that Headley will most likely stay with San Diego

Doug Pensinger

At the MLB Winter Meetings, an insider with the San Diego Padres allegedly eluded to the fact that Chase Headley will most likely stay in his position at third base with the San Diego Padres organization.

Headley who had an incredible season in 2012 attaining the title of National League RBI Champion, and winning a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award, had a less spectacular season in 2013. Though the 2013 seasons mishaps could possibly be due to injuries attained during spring training. Headley, still a young player at the age of 29, has many great games ahead of him and it would behoove the Padres to retain Headley.

Since Headley's draft in 2005, he has played exclusively for the San Diego Padres and the team would be missing a key element in the lineup with his absence.

Headley will be eligible for free agency after this coming season, and there has been little progress with the organization and Headley regarding an extension, though much time still remains to make those changes.

In all, it sounds like San Diego's familiar faced third baseman will be around for many games to come.