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Quiz: Padres Age 40 and Above

Denis Poroy

So, I was wasting time looking up random stuff on Baseball Reference's Play Index like I tend to be doing at any given time and discovered that there have been 11 Padres players age 40 or older. I wasn't sure what to do with this information, whether to do a card post, something straightforward, or a quiz. I decided on quiz because people seem to enjoy those more and... oh, who am I kidding? They require less effort and I'm a lazy sack of crap right about now.

Anyway, this one is like p much any other quiz I've thrown together. You can use just last names, and a couple of vague clues are included: position and age during their last season in San Diego. As always, enter your score in the poll when you're done and don't forget to use the spoiler bar feature in your comments wherever applicable. Go!