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The 3 Commitments of Ownership


Gaslamp Baller bcline tweeted a picture of a sign this morning. Until then I hadn't heard about The 3 Commitments of Ownership. Maybe they're doing a slow roll out. The sign looks like it is located in the ballpark's Padres Store, if the merchandise in the background is any indication. The commitments seem to be a more detailed version of Fowler's priorities (winning, fan experience and community) he stated when he took control of the Padres.


  • To field a team worthy of the fans support with the goal of competing for a World Series Championship each season.
  • To provide a fun, affordable and entertaining experience at Petco Park and to market that experience to a diverse fan base throughout the entire San Diego and Baja California region.
  • To be active and vital members of the community.

I like it. I'd have made a couple of changes though. I'd have put an apostrophe on "fans' support" or said "worthy of fan support". I'd have added the signatures of the ownership group beneath the bullet points too. For some reason I'd take it more seriously if they at least looked like legally binding commitments.

The first bullet had to be the toughest to commit to, unless ownership doesn't consider San Diego fans worthy of a good team, then it'll be easy. The whole second part about competing for a World Series championship can be said about any team or just about two teams. It's very vague.

Actually all three commitments are pretty vague. As a fan it would be tough to say whether ownership met their commitments each season, unless the team played in the World Series, lowered ticket prices for fans in Mexico and had Fowler run for mayor.

Still it's better than John Moores' goal of playing 'meaningful games in September', which used to infuriate me.