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Game Thread: 8/22/1981, Padres vs. Pirates


I found this Padres / Pirates game this afternoon on YouTube.  It was played in Three Rivers Stadium in the days of olden.  It was in the year 1981.  The Padres and the rest of the MLB had been on strike for two months of the season from June 10th to August 10th and just returning to play.  As Jerry notes, this isn't a season that players were going to get tired.

Oh, did I mention that a youthful duo of Jerry Coleman and Ted Leitner are calling the game together?  What a treat this is.  Leitner had come on the scene the season prior when Coleman was managing the Padres for a year.  So this 1981 season is the first year of them calling games together.

The TV recording is from San Diego's local CBS station Channel 8 and it includes commercials too.  They're fantastic.  Lots of Budweiser commercials, M*A*S*H promos and games show teases.

Also, watch the ball bounce on the AstroTurf.  Poor Dave Parker, can't catch a break or the ball.

Here's the boxscore for the game, but be warned of spoilers!