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Giving Thanks


Sometimes it's good to take a moment and be thankful that, if nothing else, s*** isn't as bad as it could be. This applies to me as a human being in general, not just as a Padres fan. Today is a much better day than the last day I sat down and wrote anything about being thankful. That day I hammered out a series of short notes to friends and a handful of acquaintances that I really respect, thanking them for being a part of my life. Then I went out and purchased what I thought would be more than enough... you know, the details aren't important. But what I will say is that now I'm thankful I woke up the next day. Because spinning one's wheels and going nowhere does suck, but as long as you're breathing at least there's a chance things will be better some day. And more often than not, they are.

This is the part where I was going to say something like "It's just the same way with the Padres..." and go on about how for every 1993 there's a 1998 and so-on, then pat you on the back for being a true fan and sticking with the team and not making any asinine 36-minute YouTube "documentaries". But all that is implied and I won't insult your intelligence by spelling it out over several paragraphs.

Since I've already deconstructed what I thought I was going to write and dispensed with any sense of format, I'll just wrap this up by expressing my gratitude for Gaslamp Ball and everyone even loosely related to it. That means you. Thanks for reading this and all my other filler. That means my fellow interns. Thanks for being incredible at what you do; I'm always looking forward to what each of you are going to publish next. That means jbox and, yes, Dex. Thank you guys so much for letting me contribute in some small way to your beautiful creation.