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Anthony Bass To Host Eponymous Pitching Camp In January


Hey, do you know anyone in the greater Detroit area with a kid between third grade and high school graduation who wants to become a better pitcher? No? Sorry to have wasted your time. There are some links down there to other posts that you might like.

Anyway, the reason I asked is because Anthony Bass will be hosting the second-annual Anthony Bass Pitching Camp on January 25, 2014, at the campus of his alma mater, Wayne State University.

"I'm really looking forward to the second annual pitching camp," stated Bass. "We had an excellent turnout last January and I am looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces this year."

Do you think he actually said that? Maybe I'm just a cynical skeptic, but when I see quotes like this I always wonder if the athlete in question really said the completely Crash Davis-ish thing attributed to them that is in the same style and tone as the press release or article it's contained in.

The camp is open to aspiring pitchers from grades 3-12 and costs $65 per person.  Registration can be completed online, in person or by mail.  In addition to the camp curriculum an autograph session will be held for all camp participants.

That's not a bad deal. I went to a basketball camp every year as a kid and it cost way more than that. Not that my mother ever paid it because we were Good Times poor. Like Good Times after James, Sr. died kind of poor. I wasn't even into basketball but the coach was the best teacher and mentor I ever had and he signed me up for it every year. Coach Price was the best. He's totally going in my gratitude list post tomorrow.

I need to cool it with these tangents. One can only start so many paragraphs with "Anyway..."

But seriously, anyway... even if you don't have a kid who wants to be a pitcher, you can still go get some quality time in the presence of Anthony Bass later that day. "How might I do that?" asked approximately zero of the three of you who kept reading this far. Glad you asked, person who may or may not be an actual thing. Bowling. Bowling is your key to schmoozing with The Bassmaster.

Wayne State baseball will also be hosting a "Bowling for Baseball" event on Jan. 25, from 3-6 p.m. at Garden Bowl. Bass will also be a part of the bowling fundraiser. There are different levels of ticket prices ranging from $12 to $40. The deadline to register for the event is Jan. 22.

Say, that's an even better deal. I mean, if you're in Detroit in January. Actually, anything happening inside is a good deal if you're in Detroit in January. Now I feel like a jerk. Sorry for taking shots at the city where you went to school, number 45. I guess I'm just hatin' because nobody who went to Marshall wants to come back here and go bowling.